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Harry Putter: How To Be A Golf Wizard

by Mark Cammack    September 24, 2019

Parody book cover photo of Harry Putter, How To Be A Golf Wizard. The cover is green with black Gothic fonts with the the word golf in special golf ball fonts. A fellow with brown hair and wearing round glasses is holding a golf club as a glowing golf ball levitates in the air. He is wearing a brown shirt that says PGA on the front. A small brown scroll to the lower left says Spells Included, to the right is the book imprint that has a colorful jester with the words Parody Press

Harry Putter: How To Be A Golf Wizard is an incredible book that will give new magical skills to your golf game.

Harry Putter is amazing. He is loved by both children and adults. The kids like his golf magic, the grown-ups appreciate his skill. Harry can create nearly perfect games to the chagrin of established PGA professionals.

Harry comments,"I love to combine golf and magic. It truly is different strokes for different folks or even wizards. It is a game of fun for everyone. But you have to watch out for the wicked Golf Lords. They are trying to take over all the courses. Whatever you do, stay out of the Dark Manor Country Club. It is full of them. All the good people and us wizards have won the game so far. That really teed them off!"

Book Chapters include:

Up To Par teaches the basic skills needed. It combines golf and magic. You learn how to hold and move with the Golf Wand that looks just like a normal golf club.

Digging Yourself Into a Hole In One teaches you how to properly make a magical divot or dig with your Golf Wand. When mastered, the ball seems to fly right into the hole to the amazement of onlookers!

Iron or Wood? We need to know which type of Golf Wand to use under specific conditions. Do you want the sizzling energy of magical metal or the more subtle effect of an enchanted forest product? Note: If there is a lightning storm approaching, do not use the metal one. It will attract firebolts and you can get zapped.

Iron Power reveals which "golf iron" to choose in different situations. It is all about the range to the hole. Too little power and the golf ball moves at a snail's pace, too much and the ball explodes! We want it to be just right.

How to Hotrod A Golf Cart shows you how to build your own custom supercharged 400 cubic inch 600 horsepower engine. You will get to your destination fast and can get away if a herd of black cats suddenly comes chasing you. It is also good for saving damsels in distress on the golf green.

Secret Spells for Any Occasion goes beyond just the golf game itself. For example, suppose a menacing thunderstorm is approaching. With one properly performed incantation, the day is sunny again. There are 99 special spells to help with almost any event.

Country Club Elixirs reveals all the ingredients for making magical drinks in pretty colors. There are red, blue, pink, and green formulas. I wonder what the red one does...

The Pro Shop tells you which and witch items you need for each stage of the game and how to get the best price. Make sure to get genuine Harry Putter products and not cheap imitations.

Airy Fairy Foo Foo Bunnies talks about the cute little critters that pop in and out and under golf courses. They are generally harmless but can steal your lunch or golf balls. Beware of their counterparts the Magical Moles. They can do serious damage to courses and seemingly disappear and reappear at will.

Getting Out of the Hole teaches what to do if things go wrong. Suppose somehow you have fallen behind. Dark elements have temporarily affected the game and you are under par. By understanding how they work you can overcome them and turn the game around.

Ghosts and Goblins on the Golf Course is about haunted playing grounds and Halloween events. Have you ever wondered why your ball just missed the hole by taking a strange turn? The course might not be windy or wet. Surely it's not your skill, you're too good for that. It could be a ghost playing tricks. On special Halloween tournaments, things can get really weird. All types of supernatural things can happen. Reality changes. Why even people you have known for years can look and act entirely different than what you remember!

Enjoy making friends, entertaining others, and winning games with Harry Putter!


Harry Putter: How To Be A Golf Wizard is a derived work © Copyright 2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved. Parts of the new image use the following public domain works:

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© Copyright 2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.