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Parody Books

by Mark Cammack    October 4, 2019

Parody of the I'm OK, You're OK book. Tan cover says I'm OK, We're All Squared Away in black letters, by Scott Scorekeeper Simms. A scoreboard shows the home team as having 77 points, the away team as having 2 points.

You probably have heard of the classic self-help book I'm OK, You're OK. It was great reading. To keep updated with the times, our insightful authors are providing you with helpful thoughts for today. In I'm OK, We're All Squared Away, sports psychologist and referee Scott "Scorekeeper" Simms give us the tools we need to finally be free in our lives. "If we just approach life like an athletic match with a good scoreboard, we can win," proclaims Scott with a confident smile. He speaks from experience,"The reason for so many daily difficulties at work and home is because people are not keeping count. They get lazy, and this leads to down time and time outs. We have to constantly keep track of who is doing what and motivate them to stay in the game. They need to get out there in life and win, win, win!" If you want to get in the game of life, get Scott's book.

Another parody of the I'm OK, You're OK book. The tan cover says Why I'm OK, And You're Not in black letters, by Mimi Always Me Moore. A cartoon lady is wearing a green dress with a blue check mark and OK in capital letters. She is using a pointer stick that touches a chart in a small section of green. The rest of the chart is golden tan with a red X and words Not OK.

Not to be outdone, Mimi "Always Me" Moore brings us Why I'm OK And You're Not: Life Changing Notes From An Egocentrist. In this enlightening tome, Mimi points out that it is usually not us that causes the difficulties in life, but the other person. Instead of trying to fulfill everyone else's needs, we should be taking care of our own. In chapters such as "No One Else Can Eat Your Bonbon's For You" and "I Am Always With My Favorite Person - Me" we are shown that only by self-adoration can we truly be happy. In "How To Quickly Find Faults In Others" we learn to identify personalities and behaviors that can lead to trouble before it starts. Mimi has done all the extensive research for us. She reveals through charts, data, and her own psychoanalytic approach that it is fully 99% of the other troublemakers causing our distress.

Parody book How To Make Your Point In Less Than A Minute by Perry Pithy. An endorsement says Perry Pithy is a one minue mastermind. He can launch your career like a cannonball going into orbit. The statement is from Seymour Money, President Money Laundry Services.

How To Make Your Point In Less Than A Minute is a great book that really delivers. Perry Pithy takes his decades of vast experience and condenses it to only 2000 easy-to-read pages. "You have to consider every possibility you can encounter, and be prepared," he says. Once the reader extensively studies all topics, they will be ready for any situation. "When you put the book in practice, you can make your point to anyone, anytime, anywhere fast," Perry advises. Useful chapters include:

Selling Ice To Eskimos
Pitching Items To Ballplayers
Talk Faster Than They Think
Jokes For Joggers
Don't Blame Me, I Didn't Do It
But Officer, I Did Nothing Wrong
Step Away from the Edge of the Ledge
Why You Need Insurance (And Lots Of It)
Fast Phrases for Driver Training Instructors
Make More as a Motor Mouth Mechanic
Speedy Sales Speeches
One Minute Monologues for Stand-up Comics
Fast Excuses for Freeloaders

Parody book How To Complain Your Way To The Top by Gerald The Grouch Jones. A cartoon man is pointing to stacked rectangles that say from the bottom upwards, Complain, Gripe, Fuss. Sitting on top is the word Success with the s's in dollar signs. The book cover has a gold and blue background

How To Complain Your Way To The Top is a unique approach that few successful people take. "They just don't know how to do it right," says author Gerald "The Grouch" Jones. His griping to greatness story began as a youth while shopping at the discount store WhaleMart, started by Wally "The Whale" Walton. The store offered big as a whale deep discounts on items. Gerald found that a box of Chocolate Chipped Cookies he bought really was chipped inside. "When I opened it on the way home, it had bits and pieces here and there along with the broken cheap cookies. There's nothing worse than riding on a public bus and spilling crumbs everywhere with each bump and bounce in the road. The lady sitting next to me got upset because some of the stuff got in her hair and on her dress. How did I know she was going to a job interview? That was WhaleMart's fault, not mine. Why can't they make cookies that stay together? I returned it the next time and got my 38 cents back. Then I moved on to bigger things." Today Gerald "The Grouch" Jones is CEO of Consumer Complainer Magazine, where all the gripes get together and write about their unique style of success.


Parody book cover images are © Copyright 2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved. The following public domain works are appreciated:

Digital scoreboard: Clker

Lady presenter: Public domain vectors

Pointing man - Let's talk this over: Public domain vectors


© Copyright 2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.