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Robby Tonnins Smile Your Way To Success

by Mark Cammack    March 26, 2020

Robby Tonnins Smile Your Way To Success parody book cover

Robby Tonnins has done it again with his newest book Smile Your Way To Success. Everyone is motivated with his pure simple charisma and charm. Today's success is a long way from his humble beginnings as a night janitor for movie studios in Hollywood, California. Robby was broke and living in his 1964 Volkswagen car at the beach.

Robby says,"I didn't have much. It was a nice sunny day and someone had a radio playing surf music. I was reading the book Think and Grow Stuff by Napoleon Thrill and had just set it down. Some ladies were playing volleyball on the sand and the ball came toward me. I smiled and threw it back. It was then this talent scout introduced himself. He was not with the movies, though. He was looking for a clean-cut guy to represent Smiley's Surfboards in Southern California. I had never surfed a day in my life. I found out it didn't matter. I could smile while standing on a surfboard at a photo shoot and get paid. They sent me out to the stores. It turned out that customers bought lots of surfboards because I was nice and just smiled. The girls liked me, too. One thing led to another and I became a motivational smiler."

Book chapters include:

You Can Even If You Can't
Believe In My Smile
Smile Your Way To Success
Charisma Is The Key If You Want To Be Like Me
How To Win Even If You Lose
You Don't Need Brains, Talent, or Money - You Only Need A Smile
How To Make It Right If It All Goes Wrong
Reframing Your Thinking And Rethinking Your Framing
How To Hire An Amazing PR Team
Birthdays Don't Matter But The Parties Do
How To Turn Dysfunctions Into Cash
Creating Emotional Highs For Happiness

Available at all better beachside booksellers!


Robby Tonnins Smile Your Way To Success is a derived parody work © Copyright 2020 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved. It is based on the following public domain works:

Young man smiling: BerLina on Wikimedia

© Copyright 2020 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.