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The Ramones Go To College

by Mark Cammack    March 25, 2020

Parody Film & Soundtrack Cover for The Ramones Go To College

You may have come across the Ramones movie Rock 'N' Roll High School. It is a fun adventure with guitars, cars, unruly pupils, and crazy music. At least it's fun if you're a youth. Some adults find it nerve-racking. In the opening scenes the shattered school director is in a straight jacket being fed mush. His brain was turned upside down from too much student induced stress. That is nothing compared to The Ramones Go To College...

In the film we have a very bad and corrupt college administration. They are constantly taking advantage of the students. The poor pupils are overcharged, disrespected, harassed by drunken redneck campus police, and mistreated in general. It is a lot like my college experience in Georgia.

As the Ramones are in the back of a pizza delivery van helping themselves to free pizza and beer, it drives off. The Gamma Gamma college fraternity is throwing a party and ordered all the food. The music group is mistaken for the real band that is permanently delayed because they had too much to drink. With the fraternity's guitars and drums already set up, the Ramones punch out song after song, and a couple of party crashers as well. The students realize their new friends can straighten out the school. By clever methods, the fraternity and a sorority hide, disguise, and get the Ramones "admitted" to college. It is a roller coaster ride of a comedy.

While exploring the campus after hours the group comes across a lab with gleaming samples from an experimental UFO. They borrow some of the strange metal. By accident, they set it on a tube guitar amp. It suddenly lights up with a nice green glow without even being plugged in! The Ramones try out new songs and sounds while keeping the UFO part concealed in the amp. They go to get their 1967 Pontiac GTO and take the amp along. Suddenly their GTO UFO is the quickest in town but has brief odd time travel episodes.

Ultimately, through hilarious events and a bit of luck, the deserving students win out over the unprincipled administrators. The musical soundtrack and videos are rarities that reveal fun and funny movie events.

Songs include:

Rock 'N' Roll This School
I'm a Teenager in Chemistry
Chemistry's a Gas (with hero Dr. Richard Saykally)
Bubble Gum And Glue
I Just Want to Have Nothing to Do
We're a Happy Collegiate Family (The College PR Song)
Suzy Has a Coat Hanger (Let's Unlock the Lab)
Heat on the Brats (The Cookout Song)
Blitzkrieg Bob
Bonzo Goes to Biology
The GPA Took My Baby Away
I'm Accepted?
Now I Wanna Be a Good Ol' Boy
Sitting In My Dorm Room
I Wanna Be Graduated
Somebody Put Something In My Sink
You Should Never Have Opened That Primate Room Door
Today Your Love, Tomorrow The School
I've Got the N2O, My GTO is Gonna Go!


The Ramones Go To College is a derived parody work © Copyright 2020 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved. It is based on the following public domain works:

1967 Pontiac GTO: Tap Tapzz

Bass Guitar Musician: maura24

Cartoon Monkey With Wrench:

Happy Man Bow Tie: Ryan McGuire

Ramones Band: josunshine

Sexy Devil: Petr Kratochvil

UFO: Mario Schulz

© Copyright 2020 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.