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This Is What Affects Our Health, Happiness, And Life

by Mark Cammack    June 6, 2018

A woman and man leisurely sunbathing at the beautiful Le Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, France. There are beautiful red, yellow, and purple flowers and a green lawn nearby.

Affectors may or may not be seen, heard, or felt. They can always have an effect on us and our lives. There are many hidden factors of influence in this photo of the beautiful Le Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, France.

It is not necessarily what we are immediately aware of that impacts us. Let us consider these examples:

A person buys new shoes that are a different style than what they have been wearing. They find that while the footwear is comfortable, surprisingly their back feels better throughout the day.

A well-dressed lady runs out of her favorite perfume. After a week, she notices that her fatigue is decreasing and she has more energy.

A school child is having foggy thinking. The educators are beginning to label the pupil as being slow. When a gluten-free diet is implemented, the child's performance improves and they are found to actually be quite bright.

Another young person has lots of energy and likes to move her body as she interacts with the environment. A wise specialist realizes that the student learns through movement. The little girl grows up to be a famous dancer with the Royal Ballet, starts her own dance company, and does well with theater productions. She was not disordered or in need of medication, she was gifted.

All of the stories point to affectors that are not initially apparent, even to many professionals. The latter illustration is of Dame Gillian Lynne, dancer extraordinaire. The highly regarded educator Sir Kenneth Robinson often mentions her experience. It is an example of the need for encouraging creativity and creative thinking. The encouragement should extend to persons whose decisions may affect schools and children.

If we are to be successful, healthy and happy, it is important to appreciate factors that influence our functioning. This is true at the individual and societal levels. We do not want to be like the man who only hopes that things will magically improve. Sound decisions need to be sought, especially if they impact others. Awareness of affectors, proper understanding, and positive action are important keys that may open the door to a wonderful life.


Photo of Le Jardin du Luxembourg on this page is a derived work © Copyright 2018-2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved. The original work is graciously provided by Marie-Sophie T├ękian.

© Copyright 2018-2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.