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I'm OK, No Matter What They Say!

by Mark Cammack    March 29, 2020

I'm OK No Matter What They Say! by Wendall Wellmann book cover

I'm OK, No Matter What They Say! will inspire you. Author Wendall Wellmann takes us on a journey of misdiagnosis and misunderstanding. Ultimately we are led to trust our own judgment amongst absurd situations.

Wendall comments,"It started out as a simple bike ride with a little accident. A black cat was crossing the road and I swerved to avoid hitting it. My front tire went into a pothole and I fell over. My leg was bruised. I had it checked out at a local health clinic. The doctors wanted to prescribe pain killers and more. I refused. One thing led to another. They tried to run all the tests I could afford and kept looking for things that were wrong instead of what was OK. My bank account was getting bruised a lot more than my leg. I became suspicious and went to see a sports physician I met at Mark's Gym. He said it was only a bruise and to let nature fix it. I decided to just that - allow nature, nutrition, and a positive attitude do the healing. Today, after a lot of learning experiences, I can honestly say that I am perfectly healthy! All three of my former specialists finally had to agree!"

Book chapters include:

Hard-Hitting Life Lessons From Rigid Roads
How To Keep Your Bike And Body In Good Working Order
Bike Riding The Right Way
How To Dodge Black Cats On Any Path
Prescriptions For Profits
Why Do I Need An MRI?
The $9000 Bruise
Dealing With Delusional Doctors And Their Doctors
How To Do A Wheelie In A Medical Ward
Nature And Laughter Are The Best Medicines


I'm OK, No Matter What They Say! is a derived parody work © Copyright 2020 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved. It incorporates the following public domain works:

Man sitting on hardtail bike: Rodion Kutsaev

Black Cat:

© Copyright 2020 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.