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Be Tops With A Topper

by Mark Cammack    May 16, 2018

Kitty-cat named Tiger Kitty in two photos: Comfortably asleep on bed, and happily awakening in morning

Sleeping comfortably can lead to happy mornings.

An often overlooked factor in performance and health is not just quality sleep, but rather how it is attained. Entire books have been written about this. One of the most important aspects has been neglected. In my entire life I have never met a physical therapist, coach, chiropractor, physician, or exercise enthusiast who mentioned what I am about to.

What I had been taught and what many experts say is that a firm mattress is better for back support. I followed what was common belief and purchased a rigid one. It did not help my spine. I tossed and turned during the night for years. My shoulders are broad and I would awaken when moving left or right on the hard surface. I had an aching lower back in the mornings. Then it was suggested that these things are more common when a person is over 30. What an insult to hear in the prime of life!

By chance, I tried a comfy 4-inch-thick foam bed topper when relocating to a different house. I did not lay on the bed, I comfortably sank into it. It was like heaven! To my surprise I slept better and awoke the next morning nearly pain-free! This was not a fluke. With continued use of a topper, the relaxing results continued.

What occurred is that the soft topper conformed to my body. An athlete may have greater muscle mass, tone, or wider shoulders than the norm. The hard mattress had been creating the problem. It may be that a person with a softer body structure or narrower shoulders could benefit from more rigid support. What I pose for your consideration is that persons with firmer bodies may require a softer mattress or topper.

I know that some experts might want to debate me on this. However, you cannot argue with experience and results. Instead of relying on what we believe to be true, we must test ideas, even if it is done serendipitously!


Photos of Tiger Kitty courtesy Paul Hanaoka.

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