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Don't Take Insomnia Lying Down; Get Up And Do Something About It

by Mark Cammack    May 21, 2018

Lady with long brown hair is wide-awake with insomnia. She is peeking out from under the bed covers.

Is it 3 A.M. and are you are wide-awake like the person above? Reading this article may help.

Morpheus in ancient Greek mythology is the god of dreams. To be in the arms of Morpheus is to sleep very soundly and restfully. It is like being in heaven. Perhaps we can find a way there...

Most of us can relate to experiencing sleeplessness at times. The reasons for this may vary with each person. The first things to consider are if the initial cause is internal or external, and what we can do to control the affectors. Internal reasons may be too much stimulation from exercise or caffeinated drinks late in the evening. Recurring thoughts from a stressful day or disrupted hormonal or nutritional balance can also contribute. External events such as noise, odor, or too high or low of a room temperature are common.

We always have a ratio of positive to negative affectors. These produce effects on us. We want to have as many positives as possible. Here is where we need to control what we can. Some years ago I mentioned to an acquaintance that the house I was living in was literally a few feet from a busy highway. There were large trucks and everything else you can imagine passing by. Sleep was challenging. I tried a white noise audio device but it did not help much. The other person suggested using ear plugs. It was good advice. While sleep was not perfect, it was improved. Ultimately, relocation was the answer.

With ongoing negative affectors and continued sleep disruption, many systems of the body may be imbalanced:

1. The DHEA/Melatonin cycle promotes wake/sleep regulation and daily rhythm. It can be impacted.

2. Cortisol is released by the adrenal glands. While it is needed briefly for energizing and anti-inflammatory effects during stress, it can be harmful in undue amounts daily. It is required for well-being as long as it is kept in a healthy range.

3. Various brain neurotransmitter imbalances can occur with norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. These affect our energy, mood, happiness, sensitivity to pain, and memory.

4. Our immune system can become suppressed with low sleep.

Helpful possibilities and restoratives to consider are:

1. Chamomile tea, which was mentioned to me in high regard by the fine herbalist Andrew Bentley. This herb has mild soothing effects that can work over time.

2. Tryptophan, an amino acid which promotes sleep, good mood, and I believe may have mild anabolic effects based on experience.

3. Timed released B and C vitamin supplements. These are used in many pathways in the body and in coping with stress. People have reported to me that they felt like an entirely new person with the B vitamins, and they experienced life as being much better.

4. Some state benefit with the potent herbs kava, skullcap, and valerian. These are probably best used in moderation. While I was able to get to sleep with valerian, it brought on bizarre dreams consistently.

5. Melatonin may be considered on occasion or during travel jet-lag situations.

6. Lecithin is a good source of choline and inositol which is nervous system healthy.

7. Colloidal gold can provide relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties.

8. Hypnosis recordings on a small mp3 player with earphones may be beneficial. The wording needs to be correct and only positive.

9. My favorite restorative is meditation. This is a naturally comforting approach that can also enhance performance abilities. If you really want to relax, try meditating while in a soothing warm tub of water with some Epsom salt added.

A person should be viewed as part of the environs they are in. While we each have to make our own choices, my belief is that commonly prescribed sleeping pills are no substitute for a quality healthy environment or lifestyle. I hope you will find some of these ideas helpful and have pleasant dreams. The arms of Morpheus are waiting for you...


Photo adapted by author from original work of Alexandra Gorn.

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