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How To Find A Good Guide For A Supplement Safari

by Mark Cammack    March 15, 2018

parody of nutritional supplements

The $300 worth of parody items on the left show marketing with emotional appeal. Depending upon the ingredients they can be useful, useless or even counterproductive. The items of the invented company on the right are straight forward. The ingredients are the focus and country of origin or manufacture is clearly shown.

I went into a national chain nutritional store while out shopping. A friendly young lady employee asked if she could help. “I am just looking. Thank you,” I replied. As I went about reading nutritional labels on various products, a tall hefty fellow came in. He was well over six feet in height and appeared to be at least 240 lbs. The salesperson asked him if he needed assistance.

The fellow said that he was working out with weights and played some football. He wanted to gain more muscle. The nice lady began with a “we can start with this” as a protein powder was considered. “But if you take that you might want to balance it with this,” she continued. I did not see each item but could see where everything was going. The man seemed as though he were lost in a new world. Product after product was considered as his guide found interesting ways for him to reach his destination. It was a supplement safari.

“Is there anything else I need?” the fellow asked. We all know what the answer to that was. The poor man had turned over his mind to a salesperson. Within approximately 20 minutes, a pile of expensive supplements was on the check-out counter. They were like the guide's easily gained trophies at the end of a fast hunt for sales. The fellow spent over $340. My observation was that this was nutritional overload and pocketbook depletion.

While some of the most intelligent athletes and fitness persons wisely use supplements, it is not a haphazard affair. When experts such as Hollywood persona Vince Gironda made supplement choices for himself and others, he knew exactly what he was doing and was honest. There were no wasted resources or selling of unneeded items for profit. A specific goal was set and just what was required to reach it was used, no more and no less.

The fellow who came into the nutrition store was in need of information. He most likely could have spent one-quarter of what he did as a starting point. A little bit of study and personal testing can save a lot of money. The best guides are quality books, articles, and persons that reflect experience. They are not sensationalistic or full of hype. They usually begin with simple initial changes and are genuinely helpful. The experts gradually add to the nutrition or exercise program only when needed to further progress. The ultimate test for a supplement or nutritional program is results.


All photos and images of humorous and fictitious products © Copyright 2018-2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2018-2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.