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Why Do 20% Of The People Attain 80% Of The Results? (And How To Improve Upon It)

by Mark Cammack    May 15, 2018

Effort To Result Ratios Column Chart

A tendency is for 20% of the people to produce 80% of the results in many fields. This includes sport, business, and science. As performance and efficiency improves, the 10% considered high achievers may make 90% of the results, and 1% deemed super achievers 99%. It is possible to create the conditions that lead to this level of performance.

In 1896, a man by the name of Vilfredo Pareto was at the University of Lausanne in beautiful Switzerland. He penned a paper revealing that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. His observation would ultimately apply to multiple areas including sport, science, engineering, and business.

In regards to human abilities, we may see who is doing what rather easily. For example, the elite athletes and businesspersons are readily apparent as scores and market reports are available. The next obvious question to ask is why are they successful?

In each case affectors and environments can be identified. The winning athletes are functioning at a higher level due to factors in themselves and controlling the environment differently than others. It is not just having a positive mindset, good nutrition, or capable coach. It is the total person in the total environment.

The most successful businesspersons approach life differently than the average do. They use their energy in unique focused ways to attain performance. Their environs are set-up to support their efforts. By maximizing ability within themselves and in the surroundings, greater value is provided to others.

Is it possible to create the conditions that lead to a successful outcome? Absolutely. I know from experience that high levels of performance can be attained when a complete approach is implemented. My belief is that when an average person is placed in an appropriate high performance environment, they can become a high performance person.

What Vilfredo Pareto observed was generally occurring in nature without special controls being in place. When affectors and environments have appropriate controls, the performance can increase even more. Is it possible to go from an 80/20 rule to a 90/10 rule or even a 99/1 rule? Could 10% of the people attain 90% of the performance in a given field? Could 1% acquire 99%? Yes, I believe so.


Mark Cammack is the author of How To Double Brain And Body Power: A Remarkable Improvement Method, available at the Double Brain And Body Power web site.


Effort To Result Ratios chart is Copyright 2018-2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2018-2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.