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Your Brain Has Plasticity (And This Is Good)

by Mark Cammack    May 11, 2018

Two brains

There should be no confusing these two brains. The one on the left is healthy and well-lit with functioning. The other on the right has ominous decay.

The human brain has incredible abilities under the right conditions. When I was in graduate school it was taught that limitations in learning and skill occurred with age. The concept held that this could begin as soon as a person entered their twenties. The brain was relying more on earlier patterns in life rather than the gaining of new abilities. We were told that plasticity, the adaptation of the brain to current learning events, was being lost. Something was wrong...

I had come across examples of and met people of many ages who were performing well. They lived life differently than most. The list included athletes, scientists, business people, and those pursuing personal development. These persons had goals they actively worked toward and many experienced joie de vivre or joy of living.

The educators were basing their teachings on research. This gave them confidence to proclaim human limitations. It turned out that the research was incorrect. Persons with brain damaging diseases such as Alzheimer's had been included in the studies. The untrue concept was generalized to almost everyone. Many people believed that inadequacy was inevitable and acted accordingly. They had been placed in a cage of falsehoods that did not exist.

In addition, what was accepted as the human norm with lessening abilities over time, was often due to disuse of the brain and body. What we actually had was erroneous research and a deconditioned population. The presence of specific toxins was and is a concern. We need to engage our brains and bodies in ways to promote development while being aware of what to avoid. Parts of the body perform self-maintenance, but not all of it. We have to do some ourselves.

An experienced athlete knows that exercise is essential for the upkeep of physique and skill. The same is true for the brain. Both types of exercise require an intensity level to promote performance. In the words of Jack LaLanne,”It must be vigorous.” Without this level of stimulation we gradually lose functioning.

There are fundamental things which must be done to promote healthy brain response. What a person does, eats, breathes, and multiple vital factors in the environment have a substantial effect. All of these work together to create an outcome. What follows is a brief mentioning of a few important factors of many. Keep in mind that these create physical changes in the brain and body:

Some of the positive factors that are needed:

Enjoyable life-long learning activities
Novel stimuli (new fun events)
Quality nutrition
Physical exercise
Healthy relationships
Keeping a positive mental attitude and gratitude
Adequate restoration (sleep, meditation, relaxation)
Environmental affector control

Some negative factors to be avoided are:

Stagnated routines
Poor to mediocre nutrition
Lack of physical exercise
Unhealthy relationships
Negative mindset
Negative affector overload

By changing the positive to negative affector ratio, we can gain healthy life-long performance in an enjoyable way. For a full look into affectors and environments please see my book How To Double Brain And Body Power: A Remarkable Improvement Method.


Brains image is a derived work Copyright 2018-2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved. It is based on US Government public domain resources obtained from Wikimedia:
Brain PET Scan 1 Brain PET Scan 2

© Copyright 2018-2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.