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Welcome To Photos And Philosophy

I plan to add historical and modern pictures as we go through them. There are hundreds in the archive. Many of these were stored away for decades, some as negatives, and various ones required restoration.

This section is different than most photo pages. Each picture has a story, person, or meaning behind it. I intend to share meaningful things that I hope you find useful today. If you have something you would like to see, please contact me. It is always a pleasure to hear from visitors.

Three young ladies outside in a yard with green bushes and trees nearby. Two ladies are each holding a pair of dumbbells, and the one in the center of the photo is holding a barbell overhead.

Three Young Ladies With Weights, a photo from the Cammack Family archives. These were my father's friends who came by to try out the exercise equipment at his home gym. Circa 1940's. When was the last time your neighbors visited? This image represents what a safe, healthy, friendly community is. Contrary to what some people believe, ladies also exercised with weights during that time period. It was fun for everyone involved. The general population was just beginning to realize the benefits of exercise. For an associated article please click here.

In the center of the picture is Charles E. Cammack and United States President Jimmy Carter.

In the center of the picture is my father Charles E. Cammack and United States President Jimmy Carter. Can you guess who took the photo? Well, it was some time ago and I was a youth. The camera was a hand held instant film type with a peel off layer. Mr. Carter told me something very important one day. He asked how things were, and I responded I was studying and exercising. While I do not know if he knew it, those books, a shortwave radio, educational TV broadcasts, barbells and exercise equipment were the most positive things in my life. He told me to keep studying and pursue development. He encouraged both exercise and education. I took his advice. Where do you think that may lead to?

Charles E. Cammack weightlifting in white lifting suit, leather belt, weightlifting shoes, while holding a heavily loaded barbell overhead. He is standing on a lifting platform as a group of people looks on. A clock on the wall says 3:55 pm. Circa 1940's.

This is one of Dad's early weightlifting pictures. He is performing the overhead press also called the military press. What can we learn from it? Notice that there are no distractions. The focus of the mind is allowed to be on reaching one goal. The room is simple and ordered. The people are dressed well and appear courteous. The best training and lifting environments of then and today have minimal diversions. Anything added to the setting will require brain processing and energy that could be better used for a positive outcome. This is why the serious gyms have no music or TV's, only dance studios do. This is true whether it is oriented toward Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, physical culture, or the Turn Verein. Photo is from April 26, 1942.

Mark in a white shirt and red tie standing in a nice beige colored room. A wood sign above says,

While at a social, an unexpected positive saying was on display. The sign says Do one thing everyday that makes you happy. Only we can make ourselves happy. No one else is able to do that for us. Finding happiness can be as simple as enjoying a hobby such as art or music. It may be a tasty bit of food, having fun while exercising, or experiencing a beautiful sunny afternoon. It might be helping someone else in some way. Even a few minutes a day of intentional happiness can make a difference in our lives. Hopefully, that is what we become. What is the one thing you will do today?

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